Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Outfits

So glad Christmas is over and done with! I have been doin nothin but sewing the last 2 weeks here's some of what I have been up to:

All you see here was made by yours truly (except the white dress shirt). Here's some close ups.

 I used the same pattern for the girls dresses, but I wanted to still make them look somewhat different so for Ellie's dress I added a sleeve with a flounce and ribbon to the rosettes.

I wanted Ryne's to look a little more sophisticated, more "grown up", so I did the straight lace sleeve from the pattern, but stead of adding trim I used the scallop that was already on the lace. I also added pearls to the center of the rosettes to bring it all together. 

I did a royal blue velvet vest, pin stripe pants and bow tie for my son. I didn't have a pattern for the pants so I took a pair of his that I new fit pretty good except the length and used it as a pattern, just added about 2 inchs of length. 

I was very pleased how they turned out, they all got many compliments on their outfits. I think the best part was that I only spent around $2 on a zipper for Ellie's dress, all the fabric was given to me over the years. 

I apologize for the pictures they were taken after church on Sunday, all my kids could think about was getting in the house and opening the rest of their presents! I will try and get better ones and update this later.

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