Friday, September 30, 2011

Crochet Flowers Headband

Yesterday was picture day at the kids school, normally I am on top of things and I have out fits, accessories & hair styles  planned weeks in advance. But this time I completely forgot till the night before, luckily my mom just sent the kids new clothes but my daughter quickly realized she didn't have a hair accessory to match so being the awesome mom I am I stayed up half the night to make this;

I used #3 crochet thread in white to do the flowers then I sc around 2 of them with #10 variegated purple crochet thread added some f aux pearl beads and called them good. Crocheting the 3 big flowers was the easy part!

Ok so the only headband I had was pink and that wasn't gonna work, so I had this brilliant idea that I would wrap crochet thread around the headband I mean really how hard can it be!? Yeah let me just say this NEVER AGAIN!!!

This process took FOREVER (said like the kid in The Sandlot)!!!! Seriously it took me an hr just to cover the stupid lovely headband, when I got half way around I decided the half that was gonna have the flower's didn't need to be super pretty so I through the perfect technique out the window and wrapped as quickly as my hands could wrap. Once that task was done I hot glued the flowers onto some felt and added them to the headband, I was really happy with the results and so was Ryne she thrilled!!

Now to wait and see how school pics turned out!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gypsy Cotume Part II

I googled gypsy head wraps and found these ones but no way would I pay $28 for one and I kinda had my mind set on a crocheted one so I googled gypsy head wrap crochet patterns and found this one.  Instead of using worsted weight yarn I used size 3 crochet thread in yellow and white and a G hook instead of an H.

It worked out perfectly just the right size for my soon to be Gypsy and in true Ellie fashion Ellie was harder then ever to photograph.

She held still long enough for me to get a good side shot of the ties and stuff.
 After lot's of yelling calm talking I bribed her with a fruit roll up she turned and I snapped the shot this is her "uh did you say fruit roll up!?" pose. Please excuse the dirty face she had been eating strawberries just minutes before our little photo session and honestly I didn't want to risk makin her mad by washin her face, I had a hard enough time as it was.
The head scarf worked up super easy and ya can't beat FREE, the crochet thread was some I had on hand that was given to me and the pattern was FREE so score. So far the total cost of the gypsy costume is $1.49. 

Next up will be jewelry I will be raiding my jewelry boxes I know I have some gold hoops that would be perfect!