Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pennant Banner

So even though it's officially Fall we are still experiencing 100 + temps here in Arizona, it's makin it hard to get in the mood to decorate for fall or to even think about Halloween. I have a boutique coming up in October so I figured I should get on the ball and do some fall/halloween stuff, so last weekend in between my son cuttin the side of his face, my cousin coming over and all my other duties I made this crocheted Halloween banner;

I got the pattern for the crochet pennant bunting pattern over at Sarahndipities blog, I just love her blog and all of her wonderful crocheted items, she has an awesome etsy shop too.  I have seen many Halloween banners around the blogosphere but none of them crocheted so when I came across the crocheted bunting pattern I new I could make one unique banner.

So first thing first I used black red heart yarn to make the banner, then I slip stitched each triangle creating a border.

Instead of embroidering the letters on by hand I decided to use some felt I had on hand a cut out some letters. So I picked out a font I wanted enlarged it to about 2 inchs I cut them out and pinned them to the felt and carefully cut them out again.

Once all the letters were cut out of the felt I pinned them onto each triangle like so;

Then I used heavy black thread to sew around each letter with my sewing machine. Then I ironed each triangle by putting a towel over them and using steam DO NOT put iron on directly on the yarn and always keep in moving. That's it, it turned out wonderful and I even got a "wow that's cool, I like it" from my hubby which is epic cause the usual response is "yeah it's nice", I am going to work on a fall and Christmas ones as well and I will have them available in my etsy shop made to order.

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Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

Oh! It looks so cute! Thanks for the little shout out, too!! I'm so glad you liked the pattern!