Monday, September 26, 2011

Gypsy Costume

Halloween will be here before we know it and I am always that mom that is working on costumes the night before they are needed! So this year I am getting a head start the kids have all decided what they want to be so now it's up to me to do it on a budget, so first up is the 2yr old she's gonna be a gypsy I already had this dress

A friend gave me this dress when my oldest daughter was little she never wore it but I always thought it would make the perfect gypsy costume. I forgot I had it till I was going through some boxes and thought this is the perfect time to use the dress. 
I  looked up some gypsy images to get an idea of the accessories we needed to make the costume complete, sash, head wrap, and jewelry. 

My totally awesome back door neighbor Claudia just gave me a box of fabric that had the perfect silky shiny yellow fabric for the sash, so I pulled it out and got to work.

I took the fabric and folded it into a triangle and wrapped it around my daughters waist ( I know not very technical but hey it worked!) making it long enough to wrap around and tie.

 Once I had the right size I cut it out. It ended up being a 25inx25in square.
 Next I serged all the raw edges then ironed them.
 I found this coin trim at Wal-Mart for $1.49 1 package was just enough for this project. I pinned it in between the layers and sewed in place.

And that was it, it took me about 20 mins start to finish. Ellie wasn't being that cooperative for pics I was literally chasing her around the house,she loved the way the sash jingled as she ran. So I apologize for the blurry not so fabulous photos!

I still have the head wrap and jewelry to go so stay tuned!

Have you started on costumes yet? Do you make them or buy? I would love to hear what your workin on!

*Update- I finished a head wrap you can see it HERE.

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Brooke Kenny said...

Thanks for visiting us on our blog! You have such neat ideas!! We are now following you!
~Brooke said...

Adorable-Does she tell fortunes too?