Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"L" Frame

I decided to put the crocheting aside and do another project today. I got this picture frame with canvas at a yard sale for $3, the guy I got it from asked if I liked the picture I knew from the way he asked the question he didn't care for it, I just smiled and said "it has potential!".
Moving on back in February Fabric.com was having a sweet sale, I got some fabric for my curtains(to come later) along with this cute little piece.
The minute I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it! Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got this..
Alright let's get this craft started if you want to do this frame with letter (and you know you do
cause it's AWESOME) this is what you'll need:

Picture frame with canvas
nail gun
glue gun
spray paint in color of your choice
wood letter of your choice

Since watching paint dry really sucks let's start with that that way we can work on the other stuff to pass the time. Start by taking the canvas out of the frame set this aside you will use it later. Sand your frame a little, just enough so the paint will stick, then paint your frame and letter.

Take the canvas out of the frame, lay it face down on your fabric, over lap enough to cover the sides.
Cut your fabric, then staple the fabric onto the canvas.
I started with the long sides first.
To do the corners I folded the short sides in like wrapping a present, should look like this.
Then fold it up, smooth it out and staple into place.
When you staple or glue your piece make sure you pull your fabric tight so it's nice and smooth. Trim off access fabric.
This is what it should look like so far.
Now it's time to go back to your frame and letter, if you need to put on another coat. My frame took 3 coats and my letter took 2. While the last coat of paint on the frame dries decide which way you want your letter and glue it onto the canvas.
(If you wanted to you could glue some ribbon around the canvas and be done.)
Once the frame is dry put the canvas back in and TADA your done!

Take a step back and admire your work!

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kristy.lynn @ kristy.makes said...

i love the fabric & the extra 'wow' it gives the whole piece!

Brandy J. said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I love this project with the fabric (that doesn't involve sewing :) ). Thanks for the great blog and inspiration.

angie said...

this is super cute!

thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave a comment on my light saber pretzels ~ i really appreciate it!

che'lyssa said...

Ooooh! Love this!

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

I love this! I'm a big fan of all initial/monogram/letter art, but this is especially fun - at first you might not notice the background isn't just abstract black and white, but when you look closer - bam! It coordinates perfectly! : )