Friday, August 5, 2011


I have been busy cutting, sewing, and crocheting over the last week, hence the lack of posts. I have a bunch new things to add to my etsy shop. I am also working on the tutorial for the crocheted hand towel, I know what you are thinking IT'S ABOUT FREAGIN TIME and you would be right it is! I have made 8 new towels and in the process took pics, now I just need to edit them and right down the pattern I use, I am hoping to have it posted by Monday but no promises as things are crazy at the moment.

I have been crankin out the aprons like there's no tomorrow, my kids are a little jealous! My son looked at all the cute girly aprons with disgust and told me I needed to make boys ones "ya know with trains, and robots on them, ya know boy stuff!", sad thing is I was so focused on girly ruffles and bows that I hadn't even thought of boy aprons! I am hoping to remedy that soon, but my kids start school next Wednesday and my oldest is requesting I make her a first day of school outfit, she wants to stand out and be unique on her first day and apparently mom's sewing say's "look at me I stand out. I'm unique!" So guess what I will be working on this weekend.

Later this month I am having a photo shoot of some of the items from my shop I am so excited! I also had a baby photography contact me and ask if she could use some of my items for a photo shoot coming up, basically she get's the items and I get copies of the pictures she takes. I am stoked I think it will be a great thing for my etsy shop!

Also in the works is my sewing room, I finally got my son moved over to his new room. I ripped out the old nasty carpet, and am on the hunt for new carpet. Our house is one of those manufactured homes so it has these unsightly seems in all the rooms, my plan is to take all the strips off and fill in the seams then paint. It's definitely going to take a lot of sweat, but I have a clean slate to work with which is really exciting! I may be asking for input for colors I just can decide what to do in there, I want something clean, airy, relaxing but happy. I'm leaning towards yellow and aqua, or yellow and lavender but I just can't decide my hubby says I am being finicky!

Ok so I have lot's of projects in the works, and the above mentioned projects are only the tip of the iceberg but since I don't want to overwhelm myself you my fellow readers I will wait to list the rest till some of these projects are finished! And if my posts get few and far between, well you can imagine why they would be, but I am excited to share all the fun and exciting changes, so be patient with me.

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