Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crocheted Hand Towel Tutorial

Say that 3 times fast crocheted hand towel tutorial, crocheted hand towel tutorial, crocheted hand towel tutorial, sheesh what a mouth full. I know this has been a long time coming and I apologize for taking so long but here it is the tutorial for the crocheted hand towel.

Supplies needed:

Hand towel(s) *The Dollar Store usually has some super cute ones*
 4- ply worsted weight Yarn * I like to use the Peaches & Cream yarn for these but any worsted weight yarn will work *
size G crochet hook
ribbon (optional)
sewing machine or serger
*Note- 1 15" x 25" hand towel will make 2 crocheted hand towels.

Step 1- Cut your towel(s) in half

Step 2- Serge or if using a sewing machine zig zag stitch across raw edge of towel

Step 3- With G hook and yarn follow this crochet pattern:

Abbreviated terms:
single crochet-sc
double crochet-dc

Row 1: Using your G hook push through the towel and evenly space 46 sc  under serged edge of towel ch 2 turn:

Row 2:  dc in each stitch across, ch 2 turn.( 46 dc)
*Here is were you will want to add your ribbon to your towel.*
 * 1st you'll pin your ribbon on the towel just below the single crochet covering up the stiches. I put the ribbon on the top and bottom of the towel. I sewed across the bottom of the ribbon first then went across the top of the ribbon that way it doesn't slide while sewing over the yarn.

After the ribbon is on continue crochet pattern.
Row 3-6: dc sk next dc, dc in next dc. Ch 2 turn.(24dc, 13dc, 8dc, 6dc)
Row 4-15: dc in each stitch across (6dc)
Row 16: dc in first 3 dc's ch 1 dc in next 3 dc's. ch 1 turn (6dc, 1 ch 1 space)
Row 17: sc across fasten off and weave in ends.(7sc)

Step 4 - Sew your button in the middle of Row 4 creating your loop to hand the towel.

TADA there ya have it a totally cool at your fingertips crocheted hand towel(s)!

*I have some crocheted hand towels available in my Etsy shop, the above ones will be available by the end of the week.

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Love the polka-dots. Thanks so much linking up.

Anonymous said...

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K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Totally lovin the polka dots! These towels are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. =)

Jenna said...

Which way did you cut the towels.... so there are two long skinny ones, or two almost square ones?

Charity Friesen said...

Im just a little confused on you counting of dc and which rows are what. Can you help clarify, I love the idea.