Monday, October 10, 2011

Grandma's Rose

The week before I made this mask, I made a bunch of flowers for my etsy shop( and for an upcoming boutique). Part of the reason I made so many was so I could write out the pattern for them, so far I have the pattern for the small and medium I am still working on the large ones, but once I have it figured out I will be posting the pattern.

 My grandmother LOVED rose's every garden she had always had roses all different kinds and colors.

Every time I see a rose I am reminded of her, when I stood back to look and my sea of roses a thought came to mind "grandma would love these!" so it's only fitting that I call them Grandma's Rose.

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Shannon@sillygeesedesigns said...

Lovely rose's, and lovely story, my grandpa had a rose garden, I have wonderful memories of being his only grandchild trusted with the clippers.